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Cantina Terlano

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Current Wines

Price Score
1. Cantina Terlano 2015 "Sauvignon Blanc - Terlan Winkl" Italian White$3594 (5 reviews)

Historical Wines

Price Score
1. Cantina Terlano 2012 "Vorberg Pinot Bianco" (Italian White)$4293 (3 reviews)
2. Cantina Terlano 2007 "Lunare" (Gewurztraminer)$5592.6 (3 reviews)
3. Cantina Terlano 2006 "Sauvignon Blanc - Terlaner Winkl" (Italian White)$2491 (3 reviews)
4. Cantina Terlano 2006 "Terlaner Classico Cuvee" (Italian White)$1790 (4 reviews)
5. Cantina Terlano 2008 "Terlaner Classico Cuvee" (Italian White)$1989.6 (3 reviews)
6. Cantina Terlano 2006 "Pinot Bianco - Terlaner" (Italian White)$1789 (2 reviews)
7. Cantina Terlano 2007 "Pinot Bianco" (Italian White)$2188.5 (2 reviews)
8. Cantina Terlano 2005 "Pinot Bianco" (Italian White)$1888 (2 reviews)
9. Cantina Terlano 2007 "Terlaner Classico Cuvee" (Italian White)$2188 (2 reviews)

Cork Lore: A cork tree must be at least 25 years old before its bark can be harvested the first time, but it cannot be used for wine stoppers until the third harvest. Cork trees can be stripped of their bark no more than every 9 to 12 years. In one harvest, enough cork is removed from the average tree to make 4,000 wine stoppers.

Source: Wine Lover's 2012 Calendar (Page a Day Calendar)

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