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Dessert & Ice Wine Guide

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Price Score
1. Donnafugata 2011 "Ben Rye" Dessert & Ice Wine$4494.5 (4 reviews)
2. Dr Loosen 2007 "Eiswein" Dessert & Ice Wine$2494.2 (4 reviews)
3. Dr Loosen 2006 "Beerenauslese" Dessert & Ice Wine$2594.2 (4 reviews)
4. Sigalas 2004 "Vinsanto" Dessert & Ice Wine$4994.2 (5 reviews)
5. Royal Tokaji 2005 "5 Puttonyos Aszu" Dessert & Ice Wine$4194 (3 reviews)
6. Chateau Doisy Daene 2007 "Barsac" Dessert & Ice Wine$4494 (4 reviews)
7. D'Arenberg 2008 "The Noble Mud Pie" Dessert & Ice Wine$2093 (5 reviews)
8. Four Vines 2007 "Zinfandel Port" Dessert & Ice Wine$3593 (1 review)
9. Freemark Abbey 2009 "Edelwein Gold Late Harvest Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$4593 (1 review)
10. D'Arenberg 2010 "Noble Prankster" Dessert & Ice Wine$2092.6 (3 reviews)
11. Standing Stone Vineyards 2010 "Riesling Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2592.5 (2 reviews)
12. Dr Pauly Bergweiler 2011 "Bernkasteler Badstube Beerenauslese Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$4692.5 (2 reviews)
13. D'Arenberg 2010 "The Noble Wrinkled Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$2092.3 (3 reviews)
14. Andrew Rich 2007 "Late Harvest Gewurztraminer" Dessert & Ice Wine$2492 (2 reviews)
15. Dr Pauly Bergweiler 2012 "Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese" Dessert & Ice Wine$3092 (3 reviews)
16. Navarro Vineyards 2012 "Sweet Late Harvest Cluster Select Gewurztraminer" Dessert & Ice Wine$3592 (1 review)
17. Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards 2008 "Vidal Blanc Ice Wine" Dessert & Ice Wine$4092 (1 review)
18. D'Arenberg 2010 "The Noble Mud Pie" Dessert & Ice Wine$2091.5 (2 reviews)
19. Sheldrake Point Vineyard 2008 "Late Harvest Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$2591.5 (4 reviews)
20. Lamoreaux Landing 2009 "Riesling Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$3691.5 (2 reviews)
21. Standing Stone Vineyards 2010 "Gewurtztraminer Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2591.3 (3 reviews)
22. EOS 2010 "Tears of Dew Late Harvest Moscato" Dessert & Ice Wine$2291 (1 review)
23. Standing Stone Vineyards 2009 "Vidal Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2591 (2 reviews)
24. Navarro Vineyards 2011 "Cluster Select Late Harvest Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$2991 (1 review)
25. Macari Vineyards 2009 "Block E" Dessert & Ice Wine$4091 (1 review)
26. Casa Larga 2008 "Fiori Vidal Blanc Ice Wine" Dessert & Ice Wine$4591 (1 review)
27. Warre NV "Otima 20 Year Old Tawny Port" (2/09) Dessert & Ice Wine$4591 (1 review)
28. Standing Stone Vineyards 2008 "Chardonnay Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2590.3 (3 reviews)
29. D'Arenberg 2010 "The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana" Dessert & Ice Wine$2090 (1 review)
30. M. Chapoutier 2008 "Banyuls" Dessert & Ice Wine$2390 (2 reviews)
31. Kendall Jackson 2007 "Late Harvest Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$2590 (1 review)
32. Merriam Vineyards 2011 "Late Harvest Cabernet Franc" Dessert & Ice Wine$2590 (1 review)
33. St Supery 2011 "Moscato" Dessert & Ice Wine$2590 (2 reviews)
34. G & M Machmer 2007 "Riesling Eiswein Bechtheimer Rosengarten" Dessert & Ice Wine$3590 (1 review)
35. Mauritson Winery 2009 "Rockpile Independence" Dessert & Ice Wine$3590 (1 review)
36. Navarro Vineyards 2012 "Late Harvest Sweet" Dessert & Ice Wine$3990 (1 review)
37. D'Arenberg 2008 "The Stump Jump Sticky Chardonnay" Dessert & Ice Wine$1189.5 (4 reviews)
38. NxNW 2011 "Wallula Benches Vineyard Riesling" Dessert & Ice Wine$1589.5 (2 reviews)
39. Novy 2010 "Oley Sweet Viognier" Dessert & Ice Wine$1989 (2 reviews)
40. Jackson Triggs 2007 "Proprietors Reserve Vidal Ice Wine" Dessert & Ice Wine$2589 (3 reviews)
41. Standing Stone Vineyards 2010 "Vidal Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2589 (2 reviews)
42. V Sattui 2010 "Moscato" Dessert & Ice Wine$2689 (1 review)
43. Navarro Vineyards 2011 "Muscat Late Harvest Cluster Select" Dessert & Ice Wine$2989 (1 review)
44. Neige NV "Cider de Glace" Dessert & Ice Wine$2989 (1 review)
45. Castello di Amorosa 2011 "Late Harvest Gewurztraminer" Dessert & Ice Wine$3589 (2 reviews)
46. Newport Vineyards 2008 "In The Buff" Dessert & Ice Wine$1488 (1 review)
47. Swedish Hill Winery NV "Cynthia Marie Port" (3-11) Dessert & Ice Wine$2288 (1 review)
48. Sineann 2008 "CJ Zinfandel Port" Dessert & Ice Wine$2488 (1 review)
49. Still River Winery 2008 "Apfel Eis" Dessert & Ice Wine$2588 (2 reviews)
50. Willamette Valley Vineyards 2008 "Sweet Hannah" Dessert & Ice Wine$2588 (1 review)
51. Bodegas Gutierrez de la Vega 2009 "Casta Diva Recondita Armonia" Dessert & Ice Wine$3088 (1 review)
52. Wagner Vineyards 2012 "Vidal Blanc Ice" Dessert & Ice Wine$2587 (2 reviews)
53. EOS 2006 "Zinfandel Port" Dessert & Ice Wine$3087 (1 review)

When you pair wines with foods, it is always the sauce (bearnaise), not the subject (steak), that should be matched.

Source: What Do You Know About Wine Calendar - Richard Nidel

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