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Champagne & Sparkling Wine Guide

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1. Roederer Estate NV "Brut" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2392 (3 reviews)
2. Louis Roederer NV "Brut Premier" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4992 (3 reviews)
3. Schramsberg 2010 "Blanc de Blancs Brut" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3891.3 (3 reviews)
4. Schramsberg 2009 "Brut Rose" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4391.2 (4 reviews)
5. Roederer Estate NV "Brut Rose" (11/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2891 (3 reviews)
6. Perrier Jouet NV "Grand Brut" (11/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4591 (2 reviews)
7. Nicolas Feuillatte 2005 "Brut Chardonnay Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4791 (3 reviews)
8. Schramsberg 2009 "Blanc de Noirs Brut" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4090.7 (4 reviews)
9. J Vineyards NV "Cuvee 20" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2890.5 (2 reviews)
10. Huguet 2007 "Brut Nature Grand Reserve Cava" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2890.4 (5 reviews)
11. Gloria Ferrer 2007 "Blanc de Blancs" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2890.2 (5 reviews)
12. Gloria Ferrer 2005 "Royal Cuvee Brut" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3290 (2 reviews)
13. Mumm Napa 2007 "Blanc de Blancs" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3690 (3 reviews)
14. Nicolas Feuillatte NV "Brut Reserve" (12/12) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3690 (2 reviews)
15. Mont Marcal NV "Extremarium Brut Cava Reserva" (1/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2589.8 (5 reviews)
16. Mumm Napa NV "Brut Prestige" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2289.5 (4 reviews)
17. Ricci Curbastro NV "Brut Franciacorta" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3989.5 (2 reviews)
18. Gloria Ferrer NV "Blanc de Noirs" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2489.2 (5 reviews)
19. Castello Banfi 2011 "Rosa Regale" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2089 (1 review)
20. Maschio dei Cavalieri NV "Moscato PM" (12/12) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2589 (1 review)
21. Veuve Clicquot NV "Brut" (11/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4989 (2 reviews)
22. G H Mumm NV "Cordon Rouge Brut" (12/12) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4088.6 (3 reviews)
23. Domaine Ste. Michelle NV "Brut" (12/12) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1288.5 (4 reviews)
24. J Vineyards NV "Brut Rose" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3888.5 (2 reviews)
25. Gosset NV "Excellence Brut" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$4788.5 (2 reviews)
26. Coppo 2010 "Moncalvina Moscato D'Asti" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1788.3 (3 reviews)
27. Elio Perrone 2010 "Moscato d'Asti Sourgal” Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2088.3 (3 reviews)
28. Domaine Ste. Michelle NV "Blanc de Blancs" (12/12) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1288.2 (4 reviews)
29. Jaume Serra NV "Brut Cava Cristalino" (5/14) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1088 (3 reviews)
30. Mionetto NV "Prosecco Organic" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1488 (1 review)
31. Laetitia Winery NV "Brut Cuvee" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2588 (1 review)
32. Barone Pizzini 2007 "Saten Brut" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2788 (1 review)
33. La Marca NV "Prosecco Extra Dry" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1787.6 (3 reviews)
34. Mionetto NV "Il Moscato" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1187 (1 review)
35. Mionetto NV "Prosecco Brut Treviso" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1587 (1 review)
36. Helfrich NV "Cremant d'Alsace Brut" (10/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$2087 (2 reviews)
37. Laetitia Winery 2009 "Brut Rose" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$3087 (3 reviews)
38. Henkell NV "Blanc de Blancs Dry-Sec" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1086 (1 review)
39. Jaume Serra NV "Brut Rose Cava Cristalino" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1086 (3 reviews)
40. Jaume Serra NV "Extra Dry Cava Cristalino" (5/14) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1086 (3 reviews)
41. Villa Sandi NV "Il Fresco Prosecco" (1/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1386 (1 review)
42. Villa Sandi NV "Il Fresco Rose Spumante" Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1586 (3 reviews)
43. Zardetto NV "Prosecco Brut" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1685.5 (2 reviews)
44. Villa Sandi NV "Extra Dry Prosecco di Valdobbiadene" (12/13) Champagne & Sparkling Wine$1785.5 (2 reviews)

When you pair wines with foods, it is always the sauce (bearnaise), not the subject (steak), that should be matched.

Source: What Do You Know About Wine Calendar - Richard Nidel

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